Alcohol Treatment Program

What are some of the health effects of alcohol addiction?

Drinking alcohol can take a seriously toll on your health. Alcohol can cause changes in mood and behavior; coordination problems; lack of judgment; heart problems such as high blood pressure, strokes, arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy; can lead to problems in the liver including cirrhosis, fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis and steatosis; pancreatitis and risks of developing certain cancers (mouth, throat, liver, breast, esophagus); and other illnesses possibly resulting in death.

Why treat your Alcoholism at Recovery In Tune?

Recovery In Tune provides an alcohol treatment program that can improve your life and maybe even save you from an untimely death.  We will get to the root of your drinking problem and provide you with the necessary tools and relapse prevention skills to achieve a long-term sobriety. The fight against alcohol dependency is extremely difficult, however, with the proper care from a qualified alcohol treatment center like RIT, success can come a little easier..