5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Alcoholism Treatment

Do you suspect that a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency? If so, then you may want to speak to him or her about seeking out alcoholism treatment. Of course, before you decide to speak with your loved one, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a few of the most common signs of alcoholism; this way, you can bring them up to your loved one in conversation as well.

Hiding Their Alcohol/Drinking

One of the most common signs that a person has a drinking problem is that they will go out of their way to hide their alcohol or their drinking altogether. Often times, they will have alcohol hidden in strange places around the home, such as underneath beds, in medicine cabinets, and in closets. If you’ve noticed alcohol in odd places at a loved one’s home (whether they be empty or full bottles), this is probably a sign that he or she is trying to hide the problem.

Missing Important Events

Does your loved one have a tendency to be late or fail to show up to important events altogether? If so, then this could be a sign that the person’s alcoholism is beginning to affect other areas of his or her life. Perhaps your loved one, who was always known for perfect attendance at work, has recently been late or called off multiple times in a short time span. Or maybe he or she recently showed up late to an important event, such as a child’s birthday party, and appeared to be drunk or hungover.

Turning to Vodka as a Preferred Drink

Many “secret” alcoholics eventually turn to vodka as their alcohol of choice for a number of reasons. For starters, plain vodka is clear in its appearance and, compared with other forms of alcohol, doesn’t have a very strong odor. This means that it can easily be mixed into non-alcoholic beverages without the average person being able to tell.

Furthermore, vodka tends to have among the highest alcohol content of any spirit, so for alcoholics who need to drink more in order to achieve their desired buzz, alcohol tends to become the drink of choice. Of course, this isn’t to say that everybody who prefers vodka is an alcoholic.

Loss of Interest in Hobbies

Has your loved one begun to show a gradual loss of interest in hobbies that he or she once cared about? Maybe your loved one enjoyed volunteering at the local animal shelter, and would now rather stay home and drink. Or perhaps he or she enjoyed playing a certain sport, but now claims not to have the time or interest to keep up with it.

A loss of interest in hobbies, along with increased desire for isolation, is a common sign of alcoholism and one that should be taken very seriously.

Forgetting Things They Said or Did

Finally, if your loved one seems to often forget the things they said or did while drinking, this is a sign that he or she may have a serious problem. Essentially, this means that your loved one has a hard time keeping things in moderation while drinking, and instead has a tendency to drink to the point of blacking out or not remembering things they were saying or doing.

These are just a few of the most common signs of alcoholism to be on the lookout for if you’re concerned about a loved one. Looking for help finding the right alcoholism treatment? Please contact us today for more information and helpful guidance that you can present to your loved one as well.

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