For years, people have been abusing marijuana to handle pain, anxiety, and other health issues. Some people use it socially. Now, there are many people who are using CBD, as well. While there are some medical marijuana laws that legalize the use of marijuana and CBD supplements offered in various stores, that doesn’t mean people can’t be addicted to them. It may be helpful to learn about how CBD is different from THC. Then, you can learn more about which treatment program you might need to help you stop using CBD and THC. 

Defining CBD and THC

Before finding out what treatments would be best if you use CBD or THC, it would be a good idea to discuss these substances a bit first. 

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. Each of these substances comes from a cannabis plant. 

CBD can often be found in oil or capsule form. It doesn’t offer the user psychoactive effects as THC does. 

Cannabidiol isn’t habit-forming or addictive in itself. However, here is where the confusion about addiction comes into play. There are psychoactive properties of THC, so it causes people to feel good, whether that is with pain relief lowering anxiety levels, or something else entirely. When someone is using THC or CBD and they feel better after taking the substance, it could be very difficult for them to stop using it on their own. 

Even people who have a medical marijuana card with legit medical reasons for using THC can still become addicted to the drug. It’s the same as if someone has a legitimate prescription for a pain medication such as morphine. If it brings about effects that they enjoy or that help them in some way, it will be difficult to quit using the drug. 

If you would like to stop using CBD or THC, but you need help to do this, don’t worry. You can reach out to an addiction treatment program like the one here at Recovery in Tune. 

Addiction to Marijuana

The truth is that millions of people are addicted to marijuana. Some people think because the plant is natural that addiction to it isn’t possible. However, anything that can be habit-forming can also be addictive. 

Are you unsure of whether you or someone in your life is addicted to marijuana? There are some signs and symptoms that this might be the case such as:

  • Not taking care of responsibilities due to marijuana use
  • Missing work because you are high
  • Spending more time getting high than doing things with your family or friends
  • Spending bill money on marijuana
  • Using up a lot of your time trying to find someone to sell you marijuana
  • Can’t stop using the drug even though you have tried
  • Got into legal trouble for using this drug

If you relate to the things noted here today, it may be time to reach out for professional addiction treatment services at Recovery in Tune. You can get help to stop using THC or CBD. 

Getting Treatment for the Addiction

If you do want or need to get help to stop using these substances, it all starts with a phone call. Here at Recovery in Tune, we have many different treatment programs you could attend to overcome the addiction. You can attend an outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, medication-assisted treatment, or another treatment program. Some people will start with an inpatient program and continue into the outpatient program. You can work with us to find the treatment plan that will help you the most. 

Some of the treatments you can receive inside these programs include:

  • Dual-diagnosis treatments (help with a mental health disorder and addiction)
  • Mental health treatments (ex. anxiety, PTSD, or depression support and treatment)
  • Family counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy 
  • Yoga
  • 12-step facilitation therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation

The exact treatments you will receive may vary based on your needs. You can reach out today to find out more about what treatments may be best in your case. 

Get Help to Treat a CBD or THC Addiction

Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand addictions. A substance that one person doesn’t become addicted to may not be the case for someone else. However, addiction is a disease and there are treatment programs to help you to overcome it. Do you have an addiction to CBD or THC? Maybe, you have even tried to quit before but fell into using marijuana again recently. You may have had the addiction for a long time and now want to stop using the drug. No matter what the case might be, you can get help to be substance-free and to create a healthier lifestyle from this point forward. Contact us today here at Recovery in Tune, so we can start helping you today.

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