Is Non-12-Step Rehab an Option for Addiction Treatment?

Popular 12-step programs for substance addiction have helped many individuals on their road to recovery, but these programs are not ideal for everyone. Fortunately, there is more than one path to a life of sobriety. Non-12-step rehab programs include evidence-based treatments as well as compelling alternative addiction treatments that can be effective for relapse prevention.

Why the 12-Step Model Might Not Be Right for You

Although many people have achieved sobriety with the 12-step recovery model, others have various reasons for choosing an alternative non-12-step rehab for treatment. Many 12-step programs like AA and NA have spiritual aspects that a non-religious individual may be uncomfortable with.

Many of these programs also have a strong component of shame and guilt built into their platforms that does not resonate well with some individuals who are seeking help and not condemnation. In addition, many people suffering from addiction feel uneasy about relying on the volunteer counselors who typically lead or mentor 12-step groups.

If you are in search of a more evidence-based, scientific approach to addiction treatment, you may want to consider a non-12-step rehab.

Why Choose a Non-12-Step Rehab

A non-12-step rehab treatment platform typically features evidence-based therapies that focus on the modern understanding of the psychological, physical and behavioral aspects of addiction. While the differences between one non-12-step rehab and another may be significant, these treatment plans often feature substantially more one-on-one counseling and place a value on honesty over guilt and shame.

In addition, many non-12-step rehab programs feature alternative addiction treatments like family therapy, art therapy, equine therapy or restorative yoga. When combined with individual counseling, these therapies can have a holistic effect on the individual that leads to improved chances for successful relapse prevention.

What to Look for in a Non-12-Step Rehab

If you want to begin your recovery journey with a non-12-step rehab program, you should be aware that there are many choices available. You can begin your search by consulting your healthcare provider. They may have a referral network in place and can help you find a non-12-step rehab that suits your needs.

When attempting to decide between treatment programs, keep in mind that “non-12-step rehab” is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of treatment platforms. Some of these programs have a strong focus on medical-based therapies and relapse prevention. Some focus on behavioral therapy. Some focus on spiritual psychology or secular recovery. Additionally, you may want to find a rehab that includes detox among its offerings and a choice between inpatient and intensive outpatient treatments.

If you have misgivings about traditional 12-step programs, you aren’t alone. Many people suffering from substance addiction are opting for evidence-based, non-12-step rehab programs that have proven methodologies and are staffed by licensed addiction specialists, and credentialed healthcare providers. However, there is no reason you can’t include participation in a 12-step program as a form of aftercare once you complete your inpatient or outpatient rehab program.

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