Sobriety Inspiration: 5 Celebrities Who Are Still Winning the Fight Against Addiction

Sobriety is a lot of hard work but it is a challenge that you are definitely up for. These five celebrities took the same challenge that you are taking right now… and are still winning the battle after all these years.


It is no secret that arguably the greatest rapper of all time once struggled with drug use. He was so heavily addicted at one point that the star gained 100 extra pounds, making him almost unrecognizable from the Slim Shady that the world had gotten to know. After getting help from his friend Elton John, Eminem decided to get clean and stay that way. Those who know him best say that he is in the best shape of his life, an avid runner and is careful of what he puts into his body… except for his guilty pleasure – Taco Bell.


The extremely talented Gun N’ Roses guitarist was once diagnosed with congestive heart failure as a direct result of his drug use… and that was more than enough to tell him that it was time to get the help that he needed to get. From alcohol to heroin, Slash admits to having used just about every substance a person could become addicted to in the span of his life but thanks to his determination and his loving wife he is still clean and sober today.

Eric Clapton

At his lowest point, the legendary Tears in Heaven singer once spent a whopping $16,000 weekly on heroin. This cycle went on for three long years but it wasn’t until passed out on stage and needed to be revived that he finally sought help. It was fellow former addict, Pete Townsend of The Who that talked Clapton into taking a chance on himself and getting the treatment that he needed. Eric decided to take a page from his life and give back… he is now the proud founder of the Crossroads Center for Drug and Alcohol Treatment where thousands of men and women are changing their lives one day at a time.


Think you know everything there is to know about America’s favorite talk show host? We now know Oprah as the inspirational guru who touches millions upon millions of lives with her movies, shows, books and words of wisdom… but she might not have ever became the inspiration that we know today without the rocky start she had. Oprah admitted on her own television spot that she had done crack cocaine in the 80’s. Knowing this about Oprah makes her even more likeable and inspirational and today she is still making a difference all around the world.

Brian Welch

You might not recognize the name right away but you undoubtedly remember Korn if you were a child of the 90’s. From alcohol to Xanax and a little bit of everything in between, but in 2005 Brian made a radical change in his life, turning to Christianity and using his faith to overcome his obstacles. He was so enthralled with his new way of life that he flew to the River Jordan to be baptized, a sacred spot for all Christians, and has stayed clean and sober since. Brian has appeared on several television shows and publications citing his ability to make his recovery work entirely God’s handiwork.

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