What to Look for in South Florida Drug Rehab

Not all South Florida drug rehab programs are created equal.

In recent years, rogue rehab facilities have cropped up. These unethical treatment centers are accused by Florida officials of deceptive marketing practices, insurance fraud and offering illegal benefits to desperate individuals looking for help. The treatment offered in these rehab centers is rarely of high quality, leading to low retention in treatment and high relapse rates. In some cases, drug use and overdose deaths occur on the premises.

Since Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg created a task force two years ago to address the growing problem of fraudulent rehabs in his county, 44 arrests have been made, and numerous South Florida drug rehab facilities have been shuttered by officials.

South Florida has seen numerous young people flocking to rehab here. According to Aronberg, 75 percent of all individuals who enter private rehab here are from out of state. Many arrive at the facility sight unseen, and some end up stranded and on the verge of relapse when their insurance runs out.

Knowing how to choose a high-quality treatment program is essential when considering a South Florida drug rehab center.

What to Look for in South Florida Drug Rehab

Knowing what to look for in South Florida drug rehab can help prevent you from becoming the victim of a rogue treatment center. Here are five things to look for when choosing a South Florida drug rehab program.


Accreditation is an indication that a treatment facility has been rigorously and extensively evaluated by an independent, third-party accrediting body. An accredited facility meets high standards for care, programming, operations and staff members.

CARF International and The Joint Commission are the largest accrediting organizations. Other accreditations include the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, or HFAP; the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, or IC&RC; and the Council on Accreditation, or COA.

Licensed, Experienced Staff

A high-quality South Florida drug rehab center will hire only licensed, experienced staff members who are capable, compassionate and well-trained in their field. Staff members at a reputable facility will likely hold professional certifications in a variety of therapies.

Research-Based Treatment Therapies

Research-based therapies are those that have been shown through studies to be effective for treating addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the cornerstone of most addiction treatment programs due to a large body of research showing its effectiveness. A high-quality South Florida drug rehab program will avoid controversial or experimental therapies and instead offer those that have a proven track record for effectiveness.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stresses that there is no single pathway to recovery that works for every individual. A high-quality rehab program will offer a variety of research-based traditional and complementary therapies that address issues of body, mind and spirit for whole-person healing. This type of program offers the best possible outcomes of treatment.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Individualized treatment plans are essential for successful recovery. Effective South Florida drug rehab facilities will develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual, based on their unique needs and issues. The treatment plan will be continually evaluated and adjusted to reflect changing and emerging needs.

Treatment Works

Research shows that most people who engage with their treatment plan successfully recover from an addiction. The most important consideration when seeking help for an addiction is to choose a high-quality treatment program with a proven track record. Anything less will be of limited effectiveness.

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