About Us

We’ve Been Through Addiction, and We Know How to Help


We know that entering treatment for addiction is a big step, and that you and your loved ones need to know that you can trust the people responsible for your care.

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Our Philosophy

We treat all clients with respect and compassion, no matter what choices they’ve made or mistakes they’ve lived through. We value the gifts and individuality of each client, and we aim to help each client achieve lasting sobriety through inner harmony.

We believe in the value of taking a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit, and we honor the role that family and loved ones play in the recovery process. We set and maintain the highest standards of care by continuously improving and evolving our services in order to best meet and exceed our clients’ needs. By doing this, we provide our clients with maximum support during their recovery journey that will ensure lasting sobriety.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individualized treatment in a comfortable, compassionate and caring environment where clients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of sobriety through inner harmony. We will respect our clients’ rights and their dignity throughout their struggle from addiction to recovery. We will do this by adopting an environment of trust and responsibility for oneself and for others.

Our History

Recovery In Tune opened its doors in Broward County, Florida, in October 2015. Founded by David Farache, Recovery In Tune combines a holistic approach with traditional evidence-based treatment methods such as the 12-step program. We offer a variety of treatment services, including sober living, mental health intensive outpatient services and outpatient services.

Our Team Will Help You Find Your Inner Harmony

Meet the Team

Recovery In Tune wouldn’t work without the competence and compassion of our staff. Some have achieved sobriety themselves, and all are trained to support clients who are working toward sobriety. Get to know our staff before you begin your treatment journey.