Meet the Recovery in Tune Team

Our facility is staffed with an incredible team of professionals and role models in the recovery community working together to help shape a better future for our clients.

Our entire staff, from the behavioral health technicians to clinical staff to upper management and ownership, is carefully and meticulously selected and rigorously trained to truly provide an environment of care, compassion and well-being for our clients.

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Cecilia Plavnick, LMHC, CAP

Co-Founder / CEO / Clinical Director

Two words describe Cecilia Plavnick: dedicated and passionate, especially when it comes to her work in the field of addiction treatment. Cecilia has extensive experience and knowledge, which she brings to her role as CEO of Recovery In Tune. She has dedicated more than 10 years to managing top-notch clinical teams in the substance abuse field and is regarded as a natural leader and role model by her staff.

What sets Cecilia apart from the rest is both her ability to create an environment that is optimal for successful clinical interventions as well as her ability to inspire trust and continual growth among her team. Cecilia’s approach is unique because she isn’t afraid to jump in at any level of care–from the admission process to the discharge procedure–because she is a firm believer that good clinical care is an ongoing process that requires daily tweaking and maintenance. Cecilia is dedicated to her profession and to the individuals with whom she works and serves. She is always open to feedback and suggestions from staff as well as clients in order to continue growing, expanding and improving services.

Cecilia believes that a client-centered approach in which an individual’s needs are constantly being met is essential to their success.

David Farache

Co-Founder / CFO / Managing Partner

David has a background in Business Administration with emphasis in behavioral health care. His personal experience with addiction coupled with his leadership, operational know-how and compassion brings a unique style of management and delivers results to the facilities he operates. David co-founded Recovery In Tune in 2015 with Cecilia Plavnick, capitalizing on their dream to provide high-quality care to those suffering from the disease of addiction to our community that so desperately need these services. In his constant pursuit of providing nothing less than excellence in client care, his leadership delivers hard work, dedication and a constant caring involvement from all of the staff members.

Dr. David Kramer, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. David Kramer is a board-certified, licensed psychiatrist who joined the Recovery In Tune team over 2 years ago as Medical Director. Dr. Kramer brings his deep knowledge and experience in the fields of Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry to provide all Recovery In Tune clients with direct, high-quality medical consultations including psychiatric assessments and follow-up sessions, and medication management.

Bryan Cottrell, CRSS, CRRA

Director of Operations

Originally from Connecticut, Bryan came to south Florida in 2014 seeking help in overcoming his personal struggle with addiction. Through his own recovery he developed the desire to help others overcome addiction. Bryan made the decision to leave his job of 15 years and permanently relocate to south Florida so that he could enter the behavioral health services field.

In 2015, Bryan joined the Recovery In Tune team as a behavioral health technician. He quickly developed strong personal relationships with the clients through support and guidance. In 2017, he was promoted to BHT supervisor and then to Director of Operations in 2018. Bryan has completed multiple substance abuse certifications and is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS) and Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA).

As Director of Operations, Bryan maintains the professional and effective day-to-day operations at Recovery In Tune from both a clinical and housing perspective, working with every department within the facility to ensure proper policies and procedures are being followed and that client care is carried out true to the vision of the company. Bryan also works directly with clients to identify, prioritize and address their individual needs. Through this process, clients are offered encouragement and personal support as they develop healthy habits, productive daily schedules and self-confidence.

Jarret Stone

Director of Community Outreach

Jarret Stone arrived in south Florida in 2014 from New Jersey. Jarret has been an active member in the recovery community from the very beginning. Since the emergence of Recovery in Tune in 2015, Jarret began his employment for RIT as a behavioral health technician. After one year, Jarret discovered his innate ability to harness an individual’s willingness to better themselves and stepped into the role of Community Outreach. Throughout the facility and his growth, Jarret was promoted to Director of Community Outreach and has become one of the main representatives and faces for Recovery in Tune, and his relationships with the members of the community and RIT’s reputation and local presence have flourished as a result.

Jarret conducts his role as Director of Community Outreach with a dedicated, passionate heart and moral ethic. He serves as a mentor and role model to all of Recovery In Tune’s clients while providing support through direct contact with potential clients, current clients, and alumni from the point of pre-admission until discharge and beyond. By sharing his personal struggles with addiction and his successes in recovery, he serves as an inspiration to those in the program and to our recovery community as a whole.

William Nevadomski

Director of Business Development

William was born and raised in Recovery In Tune’s hometown of Davie, Florida. After a long battle with addiction to opiates and prescription drugs during his teenage years and early 20s, William went through some of Florida’s state-funded treatment programs. After two episodes of treatment, he started living a clean life in February 2014, helped by the NA community in south Florida and his desire and willingness to follow a program and change his life.

William began working in the treatment field as a house manager for a sober living home. This allowed him to start to fulfill what he sees as his destiny, helping others in any way he could through their struggles that he went through himself and overcame. His journey continued, and through his compassion, ethical standards and care for the needy, he evolved in the field and earned the opportunity to grow through a position in the admissions department at White Sands Treatment Center. He maintained this position for over a year.

Another opportunity came his way when Delphi Health Group offered him a position in the admissions department, which he took and evolved in for over a year. Through a personal relationship with Recovery In Tune’s director of community outreach, Jarret Stone, William accepted an offer from Recovery In Tune as community outreach coordinator in October 2016. Since then he has grown into his role as Director of Business Development and has become a vital part of the Recovery In Tune staff, using his personal and professional experience and knowledge to help and guide those in the program and educate the community about the program.

Jesse Stone

Director of Admissions

Uprooting from New Jersey in 2014, Jesse moved to Florida to begin his own journey in recovery. With several years of experience working in the field of substance abuse and mental health, Jesse has found a unique passion for his work. Upon arriving at Recovery in Tune, clients will begin the orientation process with Jesse and start their own journey into recovery.

“To watch someone come in on their worst day and make a decision to stay helps me get out of bed in the morning. Watching the metamorphosis happen right in front of your face gives me a feeling that I can’t accurately describe in words.” – Jesse Stone

Wiehnie Guerrier, MBA

Director of Human Resources

Wiehnie Guerrier is a human resources executive with over two years of experience. Her passion is providing HR solutions for her team by helping them build their HR infrastructure through compliance and people. Prior to working for Recovery In Tune, she worked at another treatment program for four years. Wiehnie also holds a master’s of business administration degree from Nova Southeastern University.

She enjoys talking to staff and tending to their needs in addition to ensuring that all processes are efficient and running smoothly. Wiehnie maintains open communication lines with staff and is responsible for the operational management of activities to enhance the performance of the HR department in the organization.

Suzette Griffith, R.N.

Primary Nurse / Medical Director Assistant

Suzette Griffith is a Registered Nurse and primary nurse at Recovery in Tune, where she is responsible for coordinating appointments between the doctor and our clients, managing medications / orders, and other medical and nursing tasks such as completing nursing assessments, dispensing medications and taking vitals. Suzette facilitates a safe environment for our clients to express concerns and ask questions about their psychiatric or medical diagnosis while providing education about prescribed medications, expected outcomes as well any possible adverse reactions and how to manage them in order to promote positive outcomes.

Suzette holds a nursing degree from Southeastern college in Miami Lakes FL and has experience in various levels of care in substance abuse and mental health, this includes acute psychiatric, Detox, PHP and IOP. To continue her growth and knowledge in providing current evidence-based nursing care Suzette is currently studying to be a Certified Addiction Registered Nurse (CARN).

One of Suzette’s favorite quotes by Audrey Hepburn is “Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m possible.”

Claire Loucka, MS, LMFT

Primary Therapist

Claire has been a clinical therapist at Recovery In Tune since May of 2016. She is currently a Ph.D. student in family therapy at Nova Southeastern University and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Claire received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Georgia Southern University and her master’s degree in family therapy from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. Claire plans for her dissertation to be related to addiction and relapses with the hope of furthering the field and treatment of addiction. Claire is a recently published author in the Journal of Systemic Therapies and is currently working on several other publications.

Claire passionately works with individuals and families struggling with substance abuse. As a systemic therapist, Claire seeks to explore and possibly shift the client’s relationship with the substance. Her approach to therapy is guided by a relational understanding of individuals and their problems, as well as learning, searching for resources and connecting the client to strengths.

Johanna Linares, MS, RMHCI

Primary Therapist

Johanna Linares is currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with the State of Florida. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling from Carlos Albuzi University. Johanna has over 6 years of experience in the mental health field, working with adolescents and adults who have substance use and mental health diagnosis in a variety of settings; inpatient psych, detox, residential, PHP, and IOP. Johanna is a caring and compassionate therapist that focuses on her clients strengths to empower and support them to make their own positive and healthy lifestyle choices. She is dedicated to helping her clients and their families through their journey of recovery.

Justin Denenberg

Outreach Coordinator

Justin was born and raised in NJ before moving to South Florida. After struggling with drug addiction beginning at the age of 15 and being in and out of countless detox and treatment centers, Justin got clean in 2012. He has always had a passion for helping others and shortly after getting clean he started working in the field as an admissions coordinator at Ocean Breeze Recovery. After almost 4 years of working at Ocean Breeze Justin found his home at Recovery in Tune. Justin now works as a Outreach Coordinator which gives him a hands on approach with each client that comes through the door. He is now able to share his experience with other clients who have been through the same struggles.

Mark Brown

Fleet Supervisor

Mark is originally from Pennsylvania but relocated to Florida three years ago to seek recovery himself. After eight years of employment as an auto mechanic and one year sober, Mark decided to give back to his peers and begin working in behavioral health sciences.

Mark began in the field as a behavioral health technician at a PHP program in Miami where, with strong work ethic and dedication, he quickly rose to the position of lead behavioral health technician.

Mark is now leading Recovery In Tune as fleet supervisor, with the same dedication and client-care focus. Mark oversees that Recovery In Tune clients are promptly and safely transported to respective destinations in south Florida. He also organizes timing and logistics for clients to make their service requirements and individual sessions with therapists to better serve each client we care for.

Sharice Bellamy

BHT Supervisor

Sharice Bellamy is originally from Miami, Florida. She attended school in Miami. Sharice began her career in the substance abuse field five years ago as a behavioral health technician. Early on, she absolved that her purpose is to assist those who suffered from addiction. Sharice has qualified herself by obtaining numerous certifications and executing departmental protocols. She has attained all certifications as required by DCF and The Joint Commission. Sharice is client oriented and is admired by her peers, clients and her superiors. Sharice Is very effective and efficient in her clinical capacity, she is a problem solver and effective leader for her peers. She has a passion for assisting clients on their road to recovery and is dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for clients and the organization.

Frank Perso

BHT Supervisor

Born and raised in Long Island NY, Frank came to south Florida in 2016 after his own battle with substance abuse. Through his own experience with addiction Frank developed his desire to help others avoid the same path. With over a year and a half of experience working in the field of substance abuse and mental health Frank has stepped into a role he was born to be a part of. As BHT shift supervisor Frank sets an empowering example to those he works with and cares for through his personal experience with the disease of addiction.

Elle McGeary

Lead BHT

Ellee was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida. Ellee grew up in a large loving family and knew she wanted to help people from a very early age. The compassion and patience that was shown to her growing up, helped her to realize that everyone should be treated as such. Ellee began her journey as a behavioral health technician almost two years ago. Immediately after starting this career path, she realized she had found what truly makes her happy. Through her personal experiences with addiction, she is able to be the special kind of person to give recovering addicts the care they need in an open and respectful manner. Ellee has an eye for psychological detail and a unique understanding of what an addict goes through on a daily basis. She has ability to connect and work hand and hand with all walks of life. Ellee was able to grow quickly with the company and is always looking for new ways to improve her connection with the coworkers and clients she works with. Ellee has been in the shoes of those she cares for and works hard to make sure their successful road to recovery is attainable.

Rodney Joseph

Lead BHT

Rodney has been in the addiction field for about 3 years and joined the Recovery In Tune team as a BHT in early 2017 after working in similar positions in other facilities. Though he’s not in recovery himself, addiction and mental health hits close to home as he has lost many friends the disease and has family battling alcoholism. Rodney’s motto is “Never give up on an addict” because continuing support goes a long way. Rodney believes communication and support is key when dealing with addicts, and that our ultimate goal in life is to help others who are down and out in the midst of finding ourselves. Rodney brings his compassion and experience into his new role as Lead BHT at Recovery In Tune with great enthusiasm and work ethic. As lead BHT, Rodney leads the BHT staff during his shifts and ensures smooth and efficient supervision of all Recovery In Tune clients.

Raquel Carvajal

Bookkeeper / Administrative Assistant

Raquel Carvajal has been living in south Florida for over 25 years. She received her associate’s degree from Bronx Community College in New York. Raquel also earned a certificate in accounting principles from McFatter Technical College in Davie, Florida. She has over 20 years’ experience in administrative services in various corporate environments, including optometrist office, wellness center, financial institution and telecommunication companies. She has over two years of medical insurance billing and bookkeeping experience.

Raquel demonstrates leadership skills that enable the processing of high volumes of patient information to achieve revenue generation goals. She has successful track records handling complicated assignments. She has outstanding relationship-building skills with patients, customers and team members. She had been recognized several times for outstanding performance. She is very passionate about helping others and loves what she does.

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