What is the Success Rate for Addiction Treatment?

What is the Success Rate for Addiction Treatment and How Can We Measure it??   A common question among people looking into treatment is ‘what is the success rate for addiction treatment?’   This should not surprise anyone. It’s only natural that someone who is desperate to escape the suffering that a life in addiction […]

What is the Purpose of a Sober Living House?

  What is the Purpose of a Sober Living House in Early Recovery? It’s not hard to understand the benefits of a medical detox or 3-4 weeks in a treatment program. But what is the purpose of a sober living house? The very best drug and alcohol rehabs do much more than simply help you […]

5 Things You Must Know About Sleeping Pill Abuse

What is Sleeping Pill Abuse? Simply put, sleeping pill abuse is taking a sleep aid against prescription or directions. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 30% of Americans report symptoms consistent with insomnia. Concern about the long-term effects of sleeping pills has been building for some time. Perhaps sleeping pill abuse […]

Social Anxiety and Alcoholism

Why Do I Drink When I’m Anxious? It is no secret that millions of Americans struggle to control excessive use of alcohol. In fact, the CDC estimates that around 16% of the US population may abuse alcohol at any given time. People drink for a variety of different reasons. Some find that alcohol provides a […]

5 Methods Used in Mental Health Treatment

What Kinds of Methods Are Used In Mental Health Treatment? In the post-pandemic era, mental health treatment has become paramount. Some methods of mental health treatment help us recover from mental illness and injury. But other methods work a bit more proactively. If we maintain what we achieve in mental health treatment, we can protect […]

Recovery from Heroin Addiction

Recovery from Heroin Addiction There are many treatment programs for opioid addiction. However, people who need to be in recovery from heroin addiction may require a more specific program. Heroin use is perhaps the most dangerous form of opioid abuse. People who need to overcome an addiction to this drug may require intensive supervision and […]

Are Anti-Depressants Addictive?

Are anti-depressants addictive? No, they are not addictive in the sense that drugs such as heroin or alcohol are. People who abuse antidepressants don’t have the same cravings that those other substances produce. They don’t generally have addictive behaviors, euphoria or the same negative consequences of other drugs either. People can still become physically dependent […]

How Does Naloxone Work?

How does Naloxone work? Naloxone is a drug that counteracts the effects of an opioid overdose temporarily. Medical professionals have been using it for decades. Recently, doctors and other people are using new forms of this medication, including nasal sprays. What is Naloxone used for? Naloxone can help reverse overdose effects and be put in […]

Is Trazodone a Controlled Substance?

Does Trazodone Count As A Controlled Substance? We should consider trazodone a controlled substance. This means that one can only obtain it with a prescription. If you do not have a prescription for trazodone, do not take it. Only take medications prescribed to you. Do you have a trazodone prescription? Take it exactly as directed. […]

Is There A Cure for OCD?

Have We Found A Cure for OCD? Everyone who has an illness longs for a cure. Many people would welcome a cure for OCD. OCD treatment methods can provide some relief. Likewise, OCD medications help a bit. But can medical science give us a real cure for OCD? Or does such a thing remain a […]