#1.)  The PHP Programs Florida Has Don’t Stand Alone

A common misunderstanding about the PHP programs in Florida has been that they are complete drug treatment in Florida. The reality is that a partial hospitalization program is generally just one stage in an overall addiction treatment program. Think about building recovery like building a house. Your house needs a foundation, frame, walls, wiring, plumbing, and a roof. Your “recovery house” needs to be strong if it’s going to provide you with the shelter and protection you need.

Recovery is hard work and no one wants to go to drug treatment in Florida any more times than necessary. It’s worth doing it right. So, remember that a partial hospitalization program can (and should) be a part of your treatment plan, but it’s not enough all by itself. It’s like having walls without a foundation or roof. 

#2.)  What are the PHP Programs Florida Like Exactly?

You might be wondering what PHP programs Florida is like exactly. The name ‘Partial Hospitalization Program’ can be a little misleading. First of all, you don’t have to go to a hospital to find the PHP programs Florida has to offer. This form of drug treatment in Florida is offered at private drug rehab centers. A private rehab is almost always more comfortable than a hospital, less confining and restrictive. That’s a relief to most people seeking treatment.

The ‘partial’ part refers to the fact that this isn’t as intensive as an inpatient or residential addiction treatment where you stay at the rehab 24/7 and sleep there at night. You can think of a partial hospitalization program as the next level down from that fully immersive inpatient stay. In a PHP program, you’re getting addiction treatment as many as 3-5 days a week and it can entail a full day of treatment. A PHP isn’t something you do one afternoon a week, but it’s not quite as big of a commitment as an inpatient detox or residential drug rehab might be. 

#3.)  How Do I Know If a Partial Hospitalization Program is Right for Me?

The next question most people have is: How do we know if the PHP programs Florida offers are the right choice? The good news is you don’t have to figure this out on your own. As we mentioned earlier, partial hospitalization programs aren’t meant to be a standalone option. So, you don’t have to choose between a PHP or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), for example. There are lots of decisions to make in choosing drug treatment in Florida, but that isn’t one of them. PHP is frequently a part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program.

The best place to start is with insurance verification and an evaluation. Recovery in Tune can do both for you, free of charge. Just give us a call at: (954) 884-8839. The whole process usually takes less than an hour and it doesn’t obligate you to anything. You will just be in a better position to decide what you want to do next and that’s a good feeling. 

#4.)  Where Do the PHP Programs Florida Has Fit into an Overall Treatment Program?

Now that you understand the PHP programs Florida offers are just a part of a treatment plan, you might be wondering where they fit exactly. Each patient is different. How much addiction treatment someone needs depends on what they are using, how much, and for how long. There are lots of other mitigating factors though. Such as the patient’s age and general physical health. That said, most people begin treatment with medical detox.

This is to get them off drugs or alcohol safely and comfortably. That needs to happen before the fog can begin to clear and therapy can be truly effective. Not every patient will need every stage of care, but here’s a list to consider. As you can see, the PHP programs Florida has are kind of like the meat in the center of the sandwich. You’re not on a keto diet here though, you want the whole sandwich or at least more than just the meat in the middle. 

  1. Safe, medically supervised detox.
  2. Inpatient or Residential Drug Rehab.
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with Sober Living.  
  4. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) with or without Sober Living. 
  5. Outpatient Counseling (either in person or remote, usually 1x week)

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