How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay in Your System?

Updated on Aug 13, 2019 The length of time crystal meth stays in your system can vary depending on several factors, including the following: Overall health Body size of the user Hydration levels Liver and kidney function Frequency of meth use Route of drug administration Other substances present in the system What Is Meth? Crystal […]

Snorting Meth

Updated on Aug 13, 2019 Snorting meth is a less common method of administration than smoking and produces a less intense high than either smoking or injecting. In the short term, snorting meth can damage sinus cavities and the lining of the nose, leading to chronic stuffiness and nosebleeds. This habit also increases blood pressure, […]

What Is Music Therapy?

What Is Music Therapy? – Music therapy is a form of creative expression that dates back to the 1970s. It’s often used in addiction programs as an alternative treatment. Music therapy interventions are also employed in different clinical environments to improve the overall functioning and mental health of a patient. This kind of therapy often […]

The Dangers of Snorting Valium

If you’re considering snorting Valium (diazepam), keep in mind that there are multiple reasons why you should not. There are many possible adverse complications that you may incur to your brain and body. Also, snorting Valium increases the risk of overdose and encountering severe side effects because of the amount of Valium entering the central […]

Abuse of Meth and Sex

Abuse of Meth and Sex – The use of drugs to party or feel elated, at first glance, can be very seductive. Unfortunately, the abuse of certain substances can rapidly lead to risky behavior, adverse consequences, and, ultimately, addiction. When a person has developed an addiction, the short-term potential for a healthy life essentially stops, […]