Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox – Suboxone Treatments and More Opiate addictions affect the body and mind. Some people don’t realize how dangerous these drugs can be even when prescribed until they end up in heroin detox. Unfortunately, though, many people are using illegal opiates, as well. Heroin is one of the most common drugs that people abuse. […]

How Does Suboxone Work for Heroin Addiction?

How Does Suboxone Work for Heroin Detox? Heroin detox allows people to get the heroin out of their system. Detox center patients can receive many treatments to help them overcome addiction. For someone with a heroin addiction, Suboxone is one of the treatments that can work well.   Are you struggling with an addiction to […]

How To Keep A Recovery Journal

Why Write A Recovery Journal?   A recovery journal might turn into one of your best tools. It puts your thoughts in a format where you can see them. Journaling in recovery forces you to look long and hard at yourself. It may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, your recovery journal will challenge your assumptions. Reading what […]

The Long Term Effects of Heroin Use

The long term effects of heroin use occur at the physical, mental, and psycho-social levels. In this post, we’ll examine these long-term effects and present a counterargument against some common misconceptions. The Long-Term Effects of Heroin Use: An Honest Account Researchers and qualified medical personnel understand the long-term effects of heroin use very well. A […]

Alcohol and Major Depression Symptoms

Alcohol addiction and depression are two conditions that have a high likelihood of occurring simultaneously, thus making them a co-occurring disorder. This means that addiction to alcohol and major depression symptoms often appear at the same time. Furthermore, these two conditions are known to exacerbate each other’s negative effects, creating an ever-worsening cycle that can […]

Getting Past The Hard Part: 5 Early Recovery Tips

5 Early Recovery Tips Early sobriety is hard. Indeed, many say it’s the hardest thing they ever did. Therefore, if you’re newly sober or just getting out of drug rehab in NJ, you’re likely struggling. But don’t worry. That’s normal. To try to help you win this battle, we have some advice. By using these […]

Trauma-Informed Care In Behavioral Health Services

What is Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services To define trauma-informed care (TIC) in behavioral health services, we must first examine trauma. Life often feels unpleasant. Even unfair. People that we love hurt us. They betray us. They might abuse us. We lose those we care about. To tragic, seemingly random events. Violence reaches out […]

How to Explain Drug Rehab to Your Kids

Protection Is Instinct You want to protect your kids. Your roof keeps rain off of them. The walls of your home make boundaries against the outside world. Your fence designates the limits of your property. That innate desire to protect your kids informs your family’s diet. It shapes how you teach your kids about relationships […]

Returning to Work in Recovery

Work In Progress You were so desperate. Your decisions felt like they just exploded in your face. No matter what you did, everything just seemed to fall apart. You needed relief. It seemed to take forever to get here. But it did come. You admitted that you needed help. You got treatment. That’s a very […]

Anger Management and Addiction

Most people struggle with anger. Whether it’s anger that explodes or anger that you stuff. It doesn’t matter. Just about everybody can relate to feeling angry. If you’re in recovery, you’ve noticed a relationship between anger management and addiction. If you’re struggling with anger control, you may likely also struggle with a substance use disorder […]