Find Your Inner Harmony

Recovery is about you. Our aim is to provide you with effective clinical and peer support, an understanding of your addiction and the tools to succeed on your journey to a new life of recovery. Find sobriety through inner harmony.

Outpatient Programs

Every person’s road to recovery is unique, so we use a customized approach to outpatient care. Whether you need intensive treatment or a lower level of care, at our Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center we’ll help you get the counseling, education and support that you need to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. For those facing a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorder, we use a comprehensive approach that confronts each issue for what it is.

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For those who have used substances recently, detoxification rids the body of drugs and alcohol so the work of recovery can begin. Medically managed detox minimizes withdrawal symptoms and keeps you safe while your body adjusts to sobriety.

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Learn more about addiction and keep up with everything new happening at Recovery in Tune by visiting our blog.

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About Us

Recovery in Tune takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We believe in helping our clients build personal responsibility and the coping skills they need to stay sober after treatment ends. Our more than 300 alumni give our Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center rave reviews.

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