Oftentimes, people who have depression don’t receive treatment. They may not want to admit to anyone that they have depression or they may not know where to start in looking for depression treatment. Either way, our Recovery in Tune team in Davie, FL wants you to know that we have the help you need. We have been offering depression treatment for a long time and helped many clients overcome depression. Even if you aren’t sure whether a treatment program is right for you, but you do struggle with depression, reach out to us. We can guide you to make the best decisions for your situation.

Types of Depression Treatment Services

Have you been experiencing depression for quite some time? Maybe, you have had depression for years, but never sought treatment. You may have gotten treatment in the past, but your depression has come back. Depression may be new to you and you aren’t sure how to overcome it. No matter what one of these situations you might be in, our Recovery in Tune team wants to help you get through it.

Some types of depression treatment services we offer include:

  • Medication: Various medications are often used to help people overcome depression. You will meet with a psychiatrist to determine which medications are right for you. Medication management matched with a therapy and treatment program can give you the best chances for success in recovery.
  • Individual therapy: You will meet one-on-one with a therapist on our team. Through evidence-based practices, the therapist can help you find the root of your depression. From there, you can work with the therapist on a plan for your recovery.
  • Group therapy: In our treatment program, you will attend group therapy sessions. There are others who know what you have been going through and they have their own stories, as well. Sharing stories in the group therapy sessions and receiving tools to help overcome depression can help all of you.
  • Holistic options: We also offer a wide range of holistic options. Some of these include nutritional therapy, yoga, and meditation. We believe that a combination of holistic approaches, in addition to medication if you need it, can help to bring a stronger foundation to your recovery.

These are some of the services you will find in the depression treatment programs here at Recovery in Tune.

Symptoms of Depression

Not sure if you even have depression? There are some symptoms of depression that you may relate to. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Having trouble getting out of bed
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Not caring about things you liked before
  • Not spending time with loved ones because you just never feel up to it
  • Feeling down about yourself and your life
  • Having depressive or suicidal thoughts

Do you recognize these symptoms in yourself? If so, depression treatment may be the right choice for you.

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