Have you heard of the 12 steps during addiction recovery? If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or have a family history of addiction, you have likely heard of these steps.

Having an addictive lifestyle can feel isolating, lonely and downright terrifying. However, you can  climb out of that lifestyle and into one that is so much better for you – a recovering lifestyle. Here at Recovery in Tune, we have treatments that can help you to get clean, start your recovery and begin your journey into health and happiness. One treatment that we would like you to try is known as 12 step facilitation therapy.

Learn About 12 Step Facilitation Treatment

If you are going into recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you have a lot on your plate already. Our team wants to help you better understand the treatments that are available. One treatment, 12 step facilitation therapy, can help you to grow as a person, build self-confidence, get clean and so much more.

During 12 step facilitation therapy, you will engage in each of the 12 steps. As you work your way through these steps, you can learn how to cope with obstacles in life, make amends to those you have hurt or wronged and learn other healthy lifestyle habits.

If you want to know even more about 12 step facilitation treatment, reach out to our Recovery in Tune team today.

Basic Principles of the 12 Steps

Do you want to start working on your recovery with the 12 steps as your foundation? If so, you may want to learn about the basic principles of these steps before diving into the process. These principles include:

  • Acceptance – believing and admitting that the addiction is a disease
  • Surrendering – giving your will to a higher power
  • Engaging and participating in recovery – share your story, listen to others, work on personal inventory, and accept support from others

These are just some of the guiding principles of 12 step facilitation therapy. As you work through each step, you can learn more about these principles and others that you will be following throughout your recovery.

If you stick to these principles in each step and throughout the rest of your recovering lifestyle, you have a higher chance of preventing relapse, living your best life and staying at the top of your game.

Top Tasks to Do within 12 Step Facilitation Therapy

When you are attending an addiction recovery program with the 12 step facilitation therapy sessions, you will work on completing certain tasks. The tasks that you will complete throughout these steps include the following:

  • Making the admission that you weren’t in control of your drinking or drugging and that your life was not manageable the way it was before treatment
  • Believing that the higher power, as you see him, is greater than yourself (doing this can restore your mind to sanity)
  • Making the decision to have your will turned over to your higher power as your understand them
  • Making the searching and fearless inventory of yourself (you will amend this throughout your recovering lifestyle)
  • Making an admission to your higher power, to yourself, and to someone else of the nature of each wrong you can remember
  • Being ready to have your higher power remove all defects of your character
  • Humbly asking your higher power to remove each one of your shortcomings
  • Making a list of people you wronged and being willing to make the amends needed
  • Making the amends to people you can (unless doing that would injure them, someone else, or yourself)
  • Keeping working on your personal inventory and saying sorry when you are wrong
  • Praying and meditating to keep in contact with your higher power as you understand them
  • Use your spiritual awakening to share your story with others who need to overcome their addictive lifestyle
  • Continue practicing the principles above to stay clean and in recovery

12 step facilitation therapy could help to save your life. It could help to significantly lower your risk of relapsing, too.

If you want to know more about the tasks you will work on throughout each step, don’t hesitate to let a member of our Recovery in Tune team know today.

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