Effect of Tobacco on Teens and Addiction

Tobacco has always been said to be a gateway into heavier alcohol, drug and substance use among the teens. This was proven in 2007, when a study at Columbia University found that the nicotine in tobacco products poses a significant risk of structural and chemical changes in developing brains. These changes actually put teens at […]

7 Sober Tips for Memorial Day From People Who’ve Been There

Navigating Memorial Day Sober We Asked People In Recovery For Their Strategies   Memorial Day is coming up fast and while many are looking forward to the long weekend, holidays like this one can create some anxiety for those of us in recovery. It might be a little easier than usual, since we’re still technically […]

Foster Care: Rebuilding Families After Addiction

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. One in three children in foster care are there due to parental Addiction. Foster care and substance abuse are intimately linked and can cause long-term problems for afflicted families. Today we’re talking about starting to heal the trauma that addiction can cause in a family with children, and […]

4 Common Co-Occurring Disorders Accompanying Addiction

Mental health conditions can run hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol addiction. In a clinical setting, the terms co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis describe a person who is struggling with substance use disorder and a mental health condition.  It is estimated that 17.5 million Americans are struggling with a mental health disorder, and of those people, […]

Dangers of Methylone Abuse

  Methylone is a synthetic designer drug that works on the brain similarly to MDMA or ecstasy, as it is nearly identical, in a chemical sense. It is a stimulating synthetic cathinone that increases energy, alertness, and excitability. Because of the energetic high methylone can trigger, it is frequently referred to, along with other drugs, […]

Dangers of GHB and GBL Drug

    GHB and GBL are two closely related substances. Their euphoric effect has made them popular in club and party environments. GHB is also sometimes used as a “date rape” drug because of its profoundly sedating effects. What Is GHB? GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) exists naturally, but in small amounts, in human cells. It is a […]

Advice for Staying Sober Over the Holidays

In a perfect world, the holidays should be a time of festivity and thankfulness. But for many, it’s a time wrought with triggers time and facing family dysfunction, stress, and pressure to meet particularly high expectations. These factors can make it challenging for anyone to remain sober over the season, but this may be far […]

Dangers of Freebase Cocaine

Freebase cocaine is a highly-addictive stimulant that people smoke for its intoxicating effects. Producing freebase cocaine is a hazardous process that can lead to fires and explosions. Cocaine exists in two forms on the street—powdered and base. Base cocaine includes freebase cocaine and crack. It is generally any form of the drug not made using […]

What Is a Dry Alcoholic?

A dry alcoholic is a person who has stopped drinking but is still plagued by the emotional issues that contributed to the addiction in the first place. Moreover, these problems continue to hijack their psyche even though they are sober. In a nutshell, dry alcoholics are individuals who have overcome physical dependence on alcohol but […]

Mirtazapine Withdrawal

Mirtazapine (brand name Remeron), like most antidepressants, has a relatively low potential for abuse and addiction. Still, long-term use can result in dependence and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when a user attempts to quit or rapidly cut back. Doctors usually advise patients to follow a tapering schedule to help reduce the intensity and duration of withdrawal […]