What Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

What Is a Functioning Alcoholic? – A functioning alcoholic is an individual who can still attend to necessary responsibilities and maintain a livelihood despite routine excessive abuse of alcohol. This concept may sound like it includes contradictory elements, but in truth, many alcoholics may be considered “functioning” in one way or another, depending on the […]

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Signs of Cocaine Addiction – It can require diligence to identify a cocaine abuse problem in a loved one, and knowing what signs and symptoms to look for is critical. These signs will gradually become more severe and apparent to others over time as the person descends further and further into addiction. Eventually, they will […]

Suboxone vs. Methadone

Suboxone vs. Methadone – Methadone is a synthetic, full opioid agonist and prescription drug that was introduced in 1947, and since that time it has been commonly used for opioid replacement therapy among those addicted to more powerful opioids, such as heroin. Despite having success in addiction treatment, over the years, a darker side of […]

Snorting Percocet

Snorting Percocet – Snorting Percocet is a method that some people use to achieve a faster, more intense high. Those who crush and snort Percocet may be misusing their own prescription medication, or they may be obtaining it illegally from friends, family, or the black market. What Is Percocet? Percocet tablets contain the active ingredients […]

Difference Between Crack and Cocaine

Difference Between Crack and Cocaine – Despite popular belief, there is a significant difference between crack and cocaine. The two are separate drugs that are similar, but these terms are not interchangeable. The Difference Between Crack and Cocaine Crack is semi-synthetic, as it is derived from cocaine but is also combined with other human-made products. […]