Here at Recovery in Tune, we treat all of our clients like family. We want anyone who is struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder to know we are here for them. Whether you have dealt with these issues for many years or they are new for you, you don’t have to keep going at it on your own. We have treatments that can help you to get your life back on track. One treatment we highly suggest is family counseling. This is a service we include in many of our client’s treatment plans because it works.

Reasons to Attend Family Counseling

There are many reasons why we highly recommend our clients and their loved ones attend family therapy such as the client or their family members experiencing:

  • Moderate to severe anger
  • Deceitful actions
  • Lying to one another
  • Not caring for one another
  • Using manipulation to get what they want
  • Neglecting each other

Unfortunately, addictions and mental health disorders negatively affect millions of families around the world. The good news is that there is a chance that you and your loved ones can start turning the page on the past deceits. Family counseling sessions here at Recovery in Tune can help you to do this.

Top Benefits of Family Counseling at Recovery in Tune

Our team wants to help everyone to work through issues related to mental health disorders and addictions. We believe that family counseling is one treatment that can help. Some of the top benefits of this type of treatment include:

  • Better communication – you and your loved ones can learn to talk together respectfully, calmly, and with understanding
  • Stop enabling one another – your loved ones can learn how to stop enabling your addiction or mental health behaviors
  • Practicing self-care – when addictions and mental health disorders are at play everyone usually spends so much energy on those issues, but this type of counseling can help each person to practice caring for themselves

These are only a few of the many benefits that you and your loved ones can get when attending family counseling sessions here at Recovery in Tune. If you want to know more about how this service can help or what the sessions will entail please reach out to us today. We will be happy to discuss this service with you or your loved ones.

Start Attending Family Counseling at Our Recovery Center

Do you and your family members need to start reconnecting? Do you need to rebuild your relationship with loved ones after living an addictive lifestyle or struggling with mental health issues? If so, our team is here to assist you and your family members with this process. The family counseling sessions can bring you closer together, help you to better understand one another and help with the healing process.

Contact us today to start attending family counseling at our recovery center. We can get you started with other services in one of our treatment programs, as well.

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