Importance of Sober Living to Long-term Sobriety

The transition from treatment to typical daily life has its difficulties. There is a large amount of pressure on addicts to live a productive and sober life. While in treatment, you are in a safe and controlled environment. Once you reenter society, negative influences and triggers may reappear. Many decide to use Sober Living as a transition […]

Ten Signs You’re Mired in Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex problem that consumes your body as well as your psyche. As with the chicken and egg conundrum, over time it can become nearly impossible to tell whether your body is dictating your mind or vice versa. Most addictions will never be conquered without a multifaceted approach to treatment that addresses both parts of the equation. If you […]

You’re Not Alone: Important Steps for a path to Addiction Recovery

In America, one of the greatest diseases we have is filled with stigma to the point that those suffering often take drastic steps to try to hide any indication they’re suffering not just from others in their lives, but also from themselves. Addiction left untreated almost always results in one final ending: death. Conquering a disease […]