Prepare Your Body Before Starting the Work of Recovery

For some clients, detox is a necessary first step in the recovery process. It’s a way to rid the body of addictive substances and toxins to prepare for the next phases of treatment.

It’s important to understand that detox itself isn’t a form of treatment. Think of it like stretching before exercising; it’s an important step that prepares your body and mind for what’s to come.

How Detox Works

Like so many other elements of addiction treatment, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to detox. The process and timing of detox depends on the person’s health, addiction history and substances used.

In a South Florida detox center, the process typically starts with intake. An addiction counselor will ask questions about your substance use, especially recent usage, and the center’s medical staff will create a personalized plan.

Some people detox without any medical management—that is, without being prescribed any medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms. For people with severe addictions, however, or those who have complicated medical issues, a staff member may use medications to help safely rid the body of substances.

Some South Florida detox centers don’t offer medically managed detox, so it’s important to ask questions when choosing the right detox center for you. At Recovery in Tune, we can help you make that determination. And no matter what South Florida detox center you choose, you should make sure that you’ll be carefully and continuously monitored by staff.

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How Long Detox Takes

Detox can take as little as two days or as long as 10 days, and sometimes longer. Even medical staff can’t determine in advance exactly how long the process will take. No two people detox at exactly the same rate, and it’s important not to rush the detox process.

Finding a South Florida Detox Center

Recovery in Tune can help you make plans for this first step in your recovery process.

We work with trusted detox partners to provide a safe and comfortable environment to remove the drug from your system. We can help you connect with the right South Florida detox facility, and we’ll be ready for you once you reach the outpatient phase of your journey.

Most Insurance Accepted

We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

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