It is the Policy for all Facilities to work with every client and family to provide the best quality of care.  However, if the insurance carrier fails to remit payment for services within ninety (90) days, the client / responsible party will be billed for the balance on the account. All statements are due in full upon receipt.  We understand that circumstances arise that might require special consideration.

It is the policy of the facility to collect the initial payment for treatment upon admission unless insurance assignments are accepted. Subsequent payments are due on the first day of each subsequent treatment period for cash pay clients.

Due to the nature of the treatment and services provided; the facility does not provide refunds of any monies paid by or on the behalf of the client if the client leaves the facility against medical advice or for major rule violations.  However, if the client is transferred for therapeutic or medical reasons, any monies paid by or on behalf of the client will be refunded less our full per diem rate for each day client was at our facility.

Upon admission, the above rules will be reiterated and will require the client’s written consent with the understanding that violations of the facility’s program rules or non-compliance may be grounds for termination of my treatment.  In this circumstance; No refunds for advance fee payment shall be made in such cases.

If you have any questions on concerns regarding the above policies, please send an email to [email protected]

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