Importance of Sober Living to Long-term Sobriety

The transition from treatment to typical daily life has its difficulties. There is a large amount of pressure on addicts to live a productive and sober life. While in treatment, you are in a safe and controlled environment. Once you reenter society, negative influences and triggers may reappear. Many decide to use Sober Living as a transition into society to assist in their sobriety. Following, you will find the most beneficial aspects of a Sober Living environment.


Sober Living provides continued structure while adapting to society and everyday life. This structure is maintained by house rules. Rules hold residents accountable for themselves and their sobriety. Residents will also have responsibilities that prepare them to be self-sufficient. Here are just a few examples of possible house rules:

  • Chores: Many Sober Living facilities assign chores to the residents. This keeps the living quarters clean and well maintained. It also places responsibilities to the residents.
  • Meetings: It is important to continue daily meetings throughout your sobriety. You may have a set time to gather with other residents to work your plan.
  • Meals: In most cases, you are responsible for your own meals. Again, the responsibility aspect.
  • Stay Sober: It is crucial for all residents to remain drug and alcohol free. Anytime a resident is under the influence. It has a negative effect on all residents. In order to enforce this, random drug tests are performed.

Necessities Provided

Sober Living usually provides all necessities during your stay. This can include, linens, food, toiletries and utilities. By providing these, it takes one more stressor away from your daily life.


Isolation can be a major downfall during recovery. In a Sober Living environment you are surrounded by others that are in the same situation. You have people to talk to and relate to. You can talk openly about your struggles and fears. Hearing others’ struggles and personal stories help motivate you to stay on the right path. Many residents meet life-long friends during their stay in Sober Living. It is always comforting to have someone to speak with after your stay.

Safe Entertainment

Boredom is a very dangerous feeling for addicts. Sober Living tend to offer several entertainment options. Many have on-site rec rooms and swimming pools. Often there are weekly or monthly planned outings with the residents. Some of these may include, pool parties, trips to the beach, bowling or fishing. Your home should be equipped with TVs, phones and Internet access. Furthermore, many offer on-site workout facilities or gym memberships. By providing these activities, it teaches you how to have fun outside of drug use.


Facilities should be close to local NA and AA meetings. Transportation is provided when needed. If you are unable to attend meetings, there are on-site 12 step meetings. Meetings are crucial during recovery. They keep you grounded and aware of potential obstacles.


Employment is a must when becoming self-sufficient. Whether you work part-time or full-time, it teaches you important skills to survive in society. Sometimes finding a job is overwhelming and intimidating. Sober Living usually has access to employment opportunities that fit your skills.


All of the above are great benefits to Sober Living, but proof is even better. Statistics prove that Sober Living is beneficial in recovery. In fact, a study highlighted in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs identified sober living homes as a crucial part of recovery. Abstinence rates for the residents studied dropped dramatically over a six- and 12-month period. Abstinence rates went from 11 percent to 68 percent over a six- and 12-month follow-up period for residents in one facility, while the other boasted an increase from 20 percent to 40 percent after six months.

Sober Living is the best choice after treatment. It is very beneficial in continuing your sobriety. Statistics, show that you are more likely to obtain long-term sobriety through this transition. For more information on Sober Living and to discuss living options, contact us today.

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